Standard Terms and Conditions

Valid from the conclusion of the agreement / acceptance by email


For known for right

Events (lectures, workshops, etc.) can be canceled up to 4 weeks in advance at no cost.


If canceled later than 4 weeks, 50% of the agreed fee is paid and the event can then either be completely canceled or rebooked to another day. When rebooking, the 50% is deducted from the price in that case, and thus acts as a prepayment or "deposit". After the event, the other half of the price + transport costs will be invoiced.


In case of cancellation or relocation within 1 week, 100% of the agreed fee is paid.


If, as part of the event, plane tickets or other transport have been ordered which cannot be refunded due to restrictions, the customer will cover this cost regardless of the reason for canceling the task.


We choose the cheapest form of transport as far as possible and otherwise calculate according to the State's rates. Travel time must not be covered by the customer unless otherwise agreed.


Contact info

In relation to Corona, special conditions can be entered into. We are quite flexible, so just get in touch with us: