Getting to know Universal Futurist

We are futurists Anne Skare Nielsen & Henrik Good Hovgaard and we have worked professionally with the future since this millennia was a baby. In this podcast we will foresee the future and invite you to act on it yourself 1 trend, 1 skill and 1 task at a time. Because … 

… At Universal Futurist, we have a vision: to win the Nobel Peace Prize before we die. And .. we want to bring you along. 

Our strategy is to teach as many people as possible how to predict the future. 

Our main purpose is to teach you the mindset and tools of the futurist, and you are invited to join this crazy ship with a FREE Futurist membership. 

If you want to upgrade yourself, join Futurist Academy and get all the trends, skills, and tasks mentioned in the FUTCAST episodes. You'll also get access to our toolbox, where you can create your own playlists, mini-courses, and workshops in 30 seconds.  

But enough about that. Let's get this party started!

And may the future be with you.