The game of the future

The world is not "under destruction"; it's under construction. It might seem that everything is falling apart and that humanity is facing a tsunami of crises, wars, conflicts, and disasters that our political systems fail to handle. 

But rejoice people .. this is not the end of the world. It's the end of the old game called "tribal mode." 

Tribal mode is fearful, with players fighting against each other for scarce resources. The end game is to win at the expense of others and make so much money that you can buy all the stuff you want.

Tribal mode is a game in which few can win, and more and more people will lose. 

Enter "planetary mode"—the next level in the game of global civilization, where we don't play to win but to improve the game

So if you feel like problems are building up or overwhelmed or anxious, then welcome to the future. You feel like this because you are already a planetary human being who senses that all of the issues we have today have one thing in common: we can only solve them together.