The Academy Toolbox

If you were planning a vacation, you would start by imagining "a magical future."

That's your vision. This is where trends come in handy, inspiring you to broaden and improve your vision of "a perfect vacation."

The next step would be to become strategic: How can I optimize my vacation on a budget? How am I getting from point A to point B? Do I need to learn something—maybe a language? Or break in my new hiking boots? 

That's your skillset or "learning journey." 

The last step is to get started. What needs to be done? What's the first thing to put in motion?

That's your tasksThis part is often a puzzle of big and small assignments.

"Vaction mode" is a great metaphor for how easy and intuitive it should be to "create the future."

Unfortunately, all that visionary strategic work often becomes tedious and overcomplicated.Too many reports, an overload of data, and boring meetings drive the vacation spirit out of the office.  

That's why we created THE FUTURIST ACADEMY were you'll find a cornucopia of trends, skills, and tasks in card format. 

In this episode, we share our best tips and tricks so that you can add the magic of futurism to anything you do!